Zen and the art of customer service – Purple Haze

Customer Service Excellence Keys

Research shows that for customers the following 5 parts of service are key:

  • Delivery – Doing what you say
  • Timeliness – Doing it when you say you’re going to
  • Information – Holding and using customer information that is correct and relevant
  • Professionalism – Deal with customers in a courteous and polite manner
  • Staff attitude – Having a Positive and determined attitude to care for all customers every day

All of which ‘sounds’ fairly straight forward – and what we all aspire to do each day of course. But for a whole host of reasons too great to go into here this frequently doesn’t happen.

Achieving the Holy Grail of customer service excellence today

Work with our clients has shown that accurate Information is the key element for progress across the board.

Knowing and using the following information about your customers will make all the difference in the world:

  • Contact details
  • Preferences
  • Who they live and work with
  • 6 strands of equality – Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Disability, Faith, Sexuality

These may seem a basic necessity to many. But many are still to grasp the full use such details can be put to.

Focusing services on those who need them rather a ‘one size fits all’ – Driving efficiency and effectiveness of service provision.

So where to start with Customer Excellence?

Updating your customers’ details on an on-going basis can be a time consuming, laborious and often painful process. A specialist provider – like Purple Haze – can quickly and efficiently provide the information you need through a profiling and telephone number checking and appending service.

We provide the data to you in a format that your IT staff can easily import to your systems. Or we can even input it and keep it up to date for you – at one stroke giving you the foundations for improving customer excellence.

To summarise:

  • It’s far easier to deliver what people want when you know what that is.
  • It takes less time to do when resources are focused on the essentials required.
  • It’s a lot easier to have a professional, positive and determined attitude when the basic information fundamentals have been taken care of.

For more information about how Purple Haze can help you achieve Customer Service excellence, get in touch today and email us at admin@purplehazeuk.com.