Why Santa needs VAs

Does Santa need VAs? Of course he does. Have you ever tried to imagine what’s really going on up there at the North Pole? Especially these days?

Let’s face it when Dickens’ A Christmas Carol life was published way back in 1843 life was a whole lot simpler. For one thing, the entire world population had only just topped 1 billion. And Rowland Hill’s brand new postal service was doing an excellent job – especially in London, of course.

And these days? The world population stands at 7.6 billion. Postal and delivery services everywhere are creaking under the strain of delivering to the right place at the right time. (There are just too many orders, especially at Christmas.) And for Mr. Claus, the result is an organisational nightmare.

So he’s doing what any sensible business would do. He’s outsourcing.

Of course, he’s doing it discreetly. So I couldn’t possibly tell you whether (or not) Purple Haze has received an urgent message from a caller codenamed ‘Rudolph’. Let’s just say that we’re extremely busy, and Christmas has a lot to do with it.

But our VAs are certainly not too busy to help anyone else with – shall we say – a ‘Christmas issue’. Because it’s more than likely that you’re busy, too.

After all, it’s the same every year. Clients are demanding even tighter deadlines than usual in the run-up to the Big Day, while delivery services struggle to meet demand. The usual round of Yuletide coughs and sneezes means that staff may well be thin on the ground at the very moment they are needed most. So what can you do?

Simple. Let us take some of the load. Invest a little of your time to give us a full briefing about what you need, and you’ll get it back in spades. Along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything in your business is back under control.

Which might just give you enough time to sort out your own deal with Santa (and see those expectant faces light up on Christmas Day).

Seriously, we’d love to help.

Just give us a call on 01638 741079. Or drop us an email.