What is good Customer Service and how to achieve it

While technology can be a lifesaver, we must not forget that the true heart of any business, is the customer. 

Customers are a source of growth you already own. The happier your customers, the more willing they are to promote your brandthe faster your flywheel spins, the bigger our business grows! Not only is good customer service the right thing to do by your customers, but it’s also the financially savvy thing to do for your business. It’s a win-win-win!

We believe every customer deserves:  

  • To be heard, appreciated, and valued;
  • To see that all requests are actioned in a timely manner;
  • To receive prompt responses and updates, via a means convenient for them.

Sometimes, a transaction is just a transaction. However, for many customers and for many industries, it goes far beyond that.  

For example, when a situation arises and the customer has a problem that needs solving, they want to know that you are there to help them (especially if they’re trusting you with their hard-earned cash!) In these cases, what they really want is to be heard and to feel valued. Iworld of business, e-commerce and transactions, it’s easy to forget that a customer’s emotions are just as important as procedure.  

Imagine you’re a runner, for example. Youre sprinting towards the finish line when you encounter an unexpected hurdle. You jump over it, disrupting your momentum, and when you finally hit the ground again, you must recover your speed. Once you hit your stride again, another hurdle has been put in front of you, once again your run is interrupted. If your customers encounter too many hurdles along the way, you may end up losing them to your competitors! 

At Purple Haze, we don’t believe that it’s enough to just make a transaction. We make it our mission to learn as much about your business as we can so that we’re able to provide a personal service to your customers. The days of only reaching a company by phone are over as more businesses increase the number of channels they’re presented on. Now, customer service strategy might encompass multiple channels, such as live chat, email, social media and SMS. Are you there to listen to your customers? Because we are! 

So, as customers’ expectations change and become more demanding, it’s much easier to fall short of their expectations. At Purple Haze, we treat your customers as our customers; we are ready and waiting to help them are you? 

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