What does a virtual assistant actually do?

When people ask us what a Purple Haze Virtual Assistant actually does, we have a standard response:

‘What would you like us to do?’

And the answer to that question is likely to depend on the nature of your business.

A startup business…

Say – just as an example – that you’re a sole trader. It’s quite likely you’ve built up your business from scratch. In which case. you’re doing everything: answering the phone, checking email, answering correspondence, managing the bookkeeping and accounts!

All of these things take time. Time you really need to spend doing the things that earn money for the business.

And all of which a Virtual Assistant could do for you.

A growing business

If you’ve moved beyond the startup phase, you may be thinking about taking on staff. But that’s a very large step. One way to make it smaller might be to take on a Virtual Assistant.


Because they can help you with one of the trickiest parts of the process: explaining to someone else, for the very first time, how to do what you do almost without thinking.

A lot of business owners hit huge problems simply because they take their processes for granted. So, imagine how useful it would be to talk to an experienced Virtual Assistant about precisely what tasks need to be done, and precisely how you are doing them.

Our team members do this kind of thing all the time. And they will certainly have very valuable suggestions, based on their wide experience, that could directly benefit your business and help future members of your team work smarter, not harder!

A mature business

In a business that’s already grown and developed, a Virtual Assistant can do a great deal to keep the wheels turning. Particularly at busy times – or when, for example, key staff members are away from work.

At Purple Haze we also offer specialist help for e-commerce businesses. Our team will deal with all the issues around fulfilment and customer relations, leaving you and your team free to do what you do best – growing the business!

Like to know more? We’re always happy to discuss your specific needs – so why not call us on 01638 741079? Or drop us an email?