Time to take a proper holiday?

Remember what a holiday used to be like?

For some that might mean going back rather a long way, to carefree childhood days. When things like money and work were things that grown-ups talked about – while you got on with something more interesting.

But if you’re running your own business, that really isn’t an option…

So – how could you recapture those carefree days? How could you be sure of having a proper holiday? With time for your partner? For your family? And for the things you’d really like to do – if only you had the time?

And how can you avoid the feeling that you’re linked, by invisible chains, to your smartphone? At all times?

Well, believe it or not, it’s possible. Because that’s exactly what we can offer you right here at Purple Haze.

In fact, we can do better than that – given half a chance, of course…

Say goodbye to the ‘working holiday’

For starters, you need to add one item to your list of holiday preparations – and that’s a chat with us. We’ll need that to be sure we can deliver the quality service your business needs while you’re away.

And you needn’t worry about ‘losing control’, because our job is to give you back your time – without losing touch with the things that matter.

So we’ll answer all those calls that used to come in when you were in the swimming pool. We’ll check all those emails waterfalling into your inbox – and pick out the ones that need an urgent response. And we’ll give you the information you need at a time that suits you. Especially if you’re taking that holiday in a different time zone.

Which means you can decide when and where you catch up with the day. Ideally over the drink of your choice, in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Need to make a call? Then we’ll make sure you can reach your contact at a sensible time (for you) so you don’t miss a minute of quality time.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Travel arrangements are part of our service. Need transport to the airport – or from the airport to your hotel? We can arrange it. Want a hire car? We can arrange that too. And – if you want – we can even book your flights and your hotel.

So if you’re already thinking about a holiday, why not give us a call on 01638 741079? Right now…!