Pro-actions Business Coaching & Support Ltd                                                                                                                                                                        We run free business seminars across the South East and decided to use Purple Haze to manage the administration of these events. Prior to this our Coaches, Regional Directors and central support staff would be tasked with this. Inevitably, this work impinged on their time, getting in the way of client work and Business Development.

We met with Tracey (and Lucy – our Account Manager) and they reviewed our process maps, suggested improvements and agreed a timeline to take over this work stream.

The changeover went very well and Lucy quickly built up a great working relationship with our Regional Directors. She contacted us quickly to sort out any issues and the whole process feels much smoother. Our attendee numbers have increased and the feedback from our potential clients has improved.

Knight Property Management Ltd
We have been using Purple Haze for approximately four months and we have been exceptionally pleased with the service they have provided. To begin with we just asked them to take the overflow of calls when there wasn’t going to be anyone in the office. We had reservations as we previously had a similar arrangement with another company providing a telephony service, but were severely let down as they frequently made mistakes and didn’t pass on the messages, however, we are very pleased to say that we have not had any problems with Purple Haze.

Tracey came and had a chat with us initially and we explained how important it is that anyone who calls us is treated with respect and efficiency. Tracey totally understood our needs and has fulfilled her promise to provide a service that treats people who call us as we would wish.

Since then we have extended the service Purple Haze provides to include taking tenants’ details and passing on other information, we would not have done this unless we were totally confident that the team at Purple Haze were up to dealing with prospective tenants in a polite and capable manner, it is after all, our reputation that is on the line.

Tracey has taken the time and trouble to ensure that the team she has built around her are well trained and reliable and she is always available to discuss any queries or changes that we would like to make. I am pleased to say that we are very satisfied with the service Purple Haze provides and we can recommend them without hesitation. We will be continuing to use their services for the foreseeable future.

Risk Audit, City of London
My company, Risk Audit, decided it was time to outsource our administrative and operational functions to a group of dedicated experts who were totally incentivised to do the job properly. I would highly recommend Tracey Hayes and her team. Tracey supported us fully as we transitioned the administration and operations supporting our City of London recruitment and training businesses.

Three months down the line in March 2011, we now have a more efficient, cost effective, variable cost model, which allows us to grow the business knowing that costs will only grow as our income grows. I would also point out that Tracey’s team have demonstrated strong people management skills in dealing with my own staff as well as providing a very client focused attitude in keeping my own customer base content.

JS Seddon Ltd.
Tracey has been able to very quickly understand the broad principles of my business; ask probing concise questions and undertaken all the tasks requested and much more. She has received and handled all tasks with amazing efficiency and courtesy, and has truly become an amazing asset to our company and comes highly recommended.

She has the initiative to identify additional areas of work she can take on, requiring minimum input from me, thus providing me and my team with more valuable time. Tracey brings a very positive, friendly and uplifting attitude which makes work enjoyable and fun.

Good service is hard to find these days and Tracey provided the best possible service to us at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Tracey if you know you can’t do it all and you need additional assistance to create more free time to concentrate on what really matters in your business.

Fletcher Thompson
I use the Purple Haze team for a variety of tasks, whether its credit control, mail shots or newsletters. What I like most is how it just happens. I don’t need to chase regular tasks, if anything; I get chased to provide additional information to get the job done. Tracey is extremely professional and this has filtered down to the team she has working for her. I would recommend to anyone that has any admin tasks that are getting in the way of you getting fee earning work done, to contact Tracey and let her free up your precious time.

Siobhan Costello
I went to Purple Haze to have a newsletter and flyer designed without any idea of what I wanted. Tracey handed me into the capable hands of Frances, the office manager who took my unstructured thoughts and created a fantastic newsletter template and flyer in a matter of days. I felt like I was at the centre of Frances’ universe for that time. She produced drafts quickly, gave useful advice and guided me effectively towards my goal. Her customer service was second to none. And this ethos runs through Tracey’s team from the top down as everyone I speak to is polite, efficient and makes me feel that I am important to them. I am delighted with the results and would recommend Purple Haze in an instant.

Bierce Technical Services Ltd.
We recently exhibited at the Huntingdon Business Fair 2011 and were highly impressed with the organisation of the event, together with the help and support we received from Purple Haze.
The scale of the event compared to previous years was testament to the effort they had put in to co-ordinating the promotion of the Business Fair. Their organisation prior to the event and on the day could not be faulted. We were always kept up to date with what was going on; stand areas had everything within them delivered on time and as promised, plus nothing was ever too much trouble for the team.

Tracey, Lynne and the team were highly visible throughout the day during the show and were always on hand to provide advice to any queries and help resolve any issues – all of which was carried out with a smile. Overall it was a great job, done well and in a highly professionally manner.
If you are looking for a professional organisation to effectively promote and run an event we would not hesitate to recommend Purple Haze.

Beacon Financial Ltd.
Being a busy Independent Financial Adviser means I can’t always spare the time needed to make repeated phone calls to clients. This activity also doesn’t warrant a full time telephone assistant so you can appreciate how happy I was when Tracey came along to assist me. I gave Tracey the list of clients to contact; she got on with the job – and Hey Presto! Over a two week period I was back in touch with clients, some of whom have not been seen for over two years.

The amount of extra business I concluded from this exercise has far outweighed the cost of Tracey’s very reasonable charges. I have no hesitations in recommending Purple Haze to my colleagues, or anyone else who needs administrative or secretarial work doing without all the overheads of employing a permanent member of staff. Here’s to the next campaign and thank you again so much.

Qualitair Aviation Group Ltd.
In 2008 during my start at Qualitair, being located in mainland Europe, Tracey played an instrumental role to get me swiftly up-to-speed with all related Company, Client & Authority and Associations related matters. Without her pro-active support, as I’m working outside our head office, we would not have been so successful in achieving our business development plans in general.
Tracey’s professional support in setting up and developing new country offices and client approaches, for example in; Germany, Switzerland, Middle-East and India, has been highly appreciated. Other duties completed by Tracey included Marketing and Sales documentation through to organising events, all to the full satisfaction of our company.
I can highly recommend Tracey Hayes for any PA duties.

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We would have no hesitation in recommending Tracey and her team to our clients and connections.