Ten years of premium service

Think back ten years. Can you remember some of the things we take for granted now that simply weren’t around?

There are quite a few – and some may surprise you.

The iPad, for instance. That didn’t arrive until 2010. Snapchat, Pinterest, Spotify and WhatsApp were still in development. Online payment systems like Stripe and Square had yet to appear. Slack – that invaluable online collaboration tool – hadn’t even started its first life as a multiplayer game. And GPS on phones? Still a dream.

So here at Purple Haze our tenth birthday is really something to celebrate. Because in those ten years we’ve anticipated and worked with a whole series of developments. Developments that have totally transformed what a virtual assistant can do – and what our work involves.

Back in 2009 most people’s idea of a virtual assistant was someone who answered the telephone, managed admin work, and – perhaps – dealt with issues such as credit control and bookkeeping. That’s still true today, but in a very different world. Because now a tech-savvy VA can become a key collaborator in your business. Someone who can help you manage workflow, client relationships, marketing campaigns, e-commerce fulfilment, and even team communication and organisation. The office no longer has to be the centre of your business universe. You can take it with you – on your smartphone or your tablet – wherever you happen to be.

And so can your team.

True, it’s a challenge to stay on top of all that ever-changing technology. But – if we’re honest – it can also be a lot of fun to explore new ways of helping people achieve better results with less work. (And, of course,  now 4G is so widely available it’s a lot easier to get hold of Uber when a client needs a lift, or to book Airbnb if they need accommodation in a hurry. And none of those were around ten years ago, either…)

So we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our first ten years. And we’re thoroughly looking forward to what the next ten will bring – especially if they include a call from you on 01638 741079.

Go on – we’d love to hear from you.