Virtual Receptionist Services

Today, your receptionist doesn’t need to be seated at a desk in your office. Optimise your profits and time with a Purple Haze virtual receptionist, who will step-in, learn and represent your company as if they were a member of your staff. Your outsourced receptionist can perform at the same level as a staff member but at a fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win!


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Live receptionist service

Diary Management

Virtual office receptionist service

Stay organised and keep on top of your workload with a dedicated virtual receptionist

  • Telephone Receptionist

    Telephone Receptionist

    Give your callers a bespoke and professional welcome and never miss that next business opportunity. Your receptionist can handle your inbound and outbound calls.
  • Email Handling

    Email Handling

    Save time and let your receptionist take care of your emails: manage your inbox, set-up and confirm meetings, filter out priority messages, and where appropriate, respond on your behalf.
  • Diary Management

    Diary Management

    Share your diary with your Purple Haze receptionist so they can see your agenda and be pro-active in assisting you to stay organised on a day-to-day basis.

Hire a Purple Haze virtual assistant from just £25 per hour!

How an outsourced receptionist can help…

Your Purple Haze virtual receptionist will learn how you work, understand your roles and the objectives of the company, what correspondence – telephone and personal enquiries you would like to have referred to you and how you like your calls answered.

This saves you time, with the daily routine matters addressed so that you can concentrate on what really matters.

Your receptionist can offer:

  • General correspondence – including reports, resumes/CV’s
  • Copy typing or digital audio dictation
  • Telephone answering service
  • Diary management & meeting scheduling
  • Filter and respond to email messages
  • Scanning
  • Transcription
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Preparing and filing documentation
  • Booking flights, hotel rooms, conference rooms and venues
  • Scanning

Take your calls

Divert your phone calls to your Purple Haze virtual receptionist (it’s easy – we’ll show you how!) and they’ll answer them in your company name, instantly creating a professional impression. You can divert your calls permanently or just when you’re busy.

Take orders, bookings and enquiries

As your live virtual receptionist gets to know you and your business, they can even handle complex calls like dealing with sales enquiries or customer service issues, resulting in better customer experience with an increased chance to secure valuable orders, bookings and enquiries.

Manage your diary

Easily share your Google, iPhone, iPad or Outlook calendar (we’ll show you how) with your Purple Haze virtual receptionist and they’ll book appointments, meetings, travel and other events straight into your diary.  As well as helping you to stay organised, they’ll also be able to see your agenda for coming days and weeks, enabling them to pro-actively assist you.

Sort and deal with emails

Emails are vital, but we’ve all got too many of them. They’re distracting and extremely time-consuming. It can be hard to stay on top of your inbox. Your Purple Haze virtual office receptionist can sort and filter your inbox, saving you valuable time. They can also identify certain types of emails (like meeting requests or new business enquiries), even responding on your behalf. Knowing that your emails aren’t piling up when you’re in meetings or on the road saves you time.

Make telephone calls

Whether it’s having a quick chat with a potential customer, following up on a proposal or calling a customer to let them know when to expect their order, your Virtual receptionist can make telephone calls on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

Source and order services and supplies

Purple Haze virtual receptionists are experts in sniffing out the very best deals. Give them a simple brief and they’ll source services and supplies for you, from ordering a new broadband connection to making sure your office is stocked with tea and coffee every month.

What they’re saying about our virtual services

Testimonial for Purple Haze by James and James Fulfilment
We have been working with Purple Haze for over 9 years now, this has been a professional relationship which has grown from strength to strength. Purple Haze offers our clients the ability to enhance their customer experience by working with a dedicated virtual assistant. They are fully trained on our platform which enhances this partnership offering increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability. We have worked with them for so long because they are quick communicators, provide quality and value which is really important to us. We actually use Purple Haze ourselves which I think speaks volumes.

James and James Fulfilment

Testimonial for Purple Haze by Dr Shorts Clinic
As a single-handed private practitioner, in addition to NHS GP work, I was looking for virtual telephone and admin support to help with my women’s health clinic. A medical colleague recommended Purple Haze and I haven’t looked back! Tori and Katherine are friendly, polite and professional, always helpful and more than happy to turn their hands to something new (e.g. learning how to navigate an online medical invoicing system). I have no hesitation in recommending them and wish I had found them sooner.

Dr Shorts Clinic

Testimonial for Purple Haze by Medical Prime
Purple Haze offers some great solutions to small businesses. The team is willing to adapt to individual business requirements which is what a start-up really needs in its development journey!

Medical Prime