Our Rates

Some business require more virtual support than others; some require on-demand support; and others have a set amount of routine tasks that needs handling each and every month. Businesses are all different, so we tailor our services around what you need, when you need it, whilst keeping our rates competitive!

On-demand support


No commitment, just support as and when you need it.  You only pay for time spent working on your tasks and billing is rounded up to the nearest 15 mins to ensure you get true value – no rounding up to the hour with us!

A straight-forward £25 per hour



Retainer services


Pay a set fee for a set number of hours each month to help you budget. We’ll alert you if you’re about to go over, and if you don’t use all your hours up, we’ll bank them for you to use later on. Get in touch for a FREE consultation.

The more hours you retain, the cheaper the rate!



Telephone answering


No setup charges, no cancellation fees and no minimum contract. If call handling is what you require, then Purple Haze offers a truly personalised service with dedicated virtual assistants that can take messages and more!

Starting at £30 per month. Try for FREE



Pay a simple hourly rate, only when your Virtual Assistant works on a task for you. There are no salaries, taxes or office costs and you don’t pay for time spent making the teas!