Need advice? Lean on our experience…

Trouble finding the right software solution for your business? Feel free to ask us for advice.When your business is changing, you may need some advice.

If you want advice about strategy, you’ll talk to a business coach. (And we’re not business coaches, of course.)

If you want advice about money, you’ll talk to an accountant or a financial adviser. (And we’re happy to leave that kind of advice to them.)

But if you want advice about running an enterprise – about finding the right software, and the right kind of people to use it – then give us a call.


Because we work with a lot of different customers. In a lot of different businesses. And all using a lot of different solutions to everyday problems. Meaning we get to know those solutions, too.

Better yet, we know which of them work, and which don’t. Not to mention which of them might be best for your particular kind of business.

We might even save you a bob or two. (‘Did you know there’s a CRM package you can use for free? That would just happen to work well for your business?‘)

So why would we do that?

Simple. Because if you’re working with us then you – like our other clients – need us to understand everything that makes your business tick. Because if and when we do, we can make sure it continues ticking even when you’re not there. (Hopefully, that’ll be because you’re doing something more relaxing for a while. And have strict instructions to keep your phone switched off…)

So before you shell out on a state-of-the-art software setup (after a grueling three hours with their salesman) why not give us a call?

It’s very likely that one of our clients is already using it. Or – and here’s the important bit – that they tried it and decided it wasn’t worth the money.

In which case we might just be in time to stop you making the same mistake…

Want to ask us about something? Just give us a call on 01638 741079. Or drop us an email.