Making email work for you

Email marketingMaking the most of email communication for business…


As noted in an earlier post, most of your clients and potential clients still prefer you to contact them by email. And – provided you have permission to do so – that opens up a world of possibilities.

Suppose, for example, that you’re looking to launch a

new product, but you want to establish how much interest it will generate. If you have an existing list, there’s nothing to stop you sending them the details and inviting them to click a link for more news about it. The initial response will tell you whether or not it’s worth pursuing – and even if initial interest is low, you can send a follow-up email or two, perhaps including an offer. (You could tempt them with a discount, or invite them to bring a friend or a colleague to the list.)

Once you have their interest – and you’ve decided to go ahead – you can send a preplanned series of emails. The first will announce the launch of the product and invite them to place an order. The second and perhaps the third can follow up on the first. (One touch is rarely enough, whatever form of marketing you’re using!) Ideally, your email marketing system should include the option to note when that order has been placed. And, once it has, to switch to a different pre-planned series asking for their reactions and, perhaps, offering them an incentive to tell other people about it.

And if they don’t respond…

If, after three emails, they’re still not buying you could, again, offer them incentives. And, perhaps, include testimonials from people who’ve already bought and used the product.

The great thing about this approach is that most of it can be automated. You design and create the emails, set them up, and then sit back and let them do their work. (Or, more likely, monitor the results and tweak the emails until you’re getting the response you want!) And once you’ve done that for your first product, you can repeat the process for your second and third. To get even more income – with far less work.

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