It’s flu season – so how about some emergency cover?

What’s your definition of a business emergency? (Excluding, for the moment, a meteorite strike or a plague of frogs.)

How about a flu epidemic among your staff?

We’ve all met that brave soul who arrives at work with a soaring temperature, a file-scattering sneeze, and a graveyard cough. And can only be persuaded to go home when they’ve infected half the office.

Wonderful, heroic people. But you really wish they’d stay home in bed where they belong. Because – inevitably – it won’t be long before others start to succumb.

And suddenly you’re very short-handed.

Solution? Possibly a strict rule that any staff with an infectious disease should stay at home. But that won’t help if the damage is already done. And next time you’ll still be one staff member down.

Nor will that be the only occasion when you’re looking round for people to help out. There’s summer holiday season. Christmas and Easter. Half-term. All times when even your most loyal and enthusiastic staff may, understandably, want to be somewhere else.

So how can you protect yourself? And, of course, your business?

When ’emergency’ virtual assistance can save the day

Suppose you had people ready, willing and able to step into the breach? Just a phone call away?

Better yet, people you pay for only as and when you need them? And only for as long as you need them?

You’ve just described Virtual Assistance.

Think of it as your emergency business backup. You back up your data (don’t you…?) Because that way even if the office disappears into a black hole you’ll still have all your data a mouse-click away. So why not back up your staff, too?

A good virtual assistance service does so much more than ‘answer the phone’ and look after your emails. They’ll get to know your business. Learn how you work. What software you use. And what your processes are. They can even help you streamline those processes, so it’s easier for their team to step into the breach.

And that’s exactly the service we provide at Purple Haze.

So if you’d like emergency backup for your team, why not give us a call on 01638 741079? We’ll be delighted to discuss your specific needs – and work out, with you, how and where we can help.