Is there still a place for the skill of minute taking?

With recorders now allowed in courtrooms and every Tom, Dick, and Harry having a smartphone with a voice recorder, is there still a place for the skill of minute-taking?

The average person speaks at three words a second – imagine being able to take down 100 words a minute and get absolutely everything that is said in a meeting with a client, either face to face or on the phone, then having it readily available whenever needed, without the pain of transcribing from a recording.

Whether it is for client meetings, call conferences, discrete note taking, points of reference, because your recorder battery has died – or to ensure nothing is overlooked – taking notes in a meeting is as critical today as it ever was.

When you are next having an important meeting, whether it’s a disciplinary meeting with an employee, a project update with your key supplier or a financial review with the accountants – why not let Purple Haze take minutes of the meeting, or transcribe your recordings into minuted notes which can act as a permanent record of what was said.

One of our clients, Keeping HR Simple says, “I am really pleased to recommend the services of Purple Haze UK Ltd who really helped us out this week with note-taking for a formal meeting being held. Professional and helpful service – can’t ask for more than that!”