Helping you hit your targets…

As a recruiter, you will know that consultation is the key to successful recruitment. Developing solid and lasting relationships with both candidate and client alike is vital to commercial and reputable achievement within the industry. However, as a recruiter, you will also know that the primary source of most of these relationships comes from general enquiry and advertisement response, usually meaning a great deal of administrative work.

Have you ever felt bogged down with the thought of entering 100 new CVs onto your database?

Have you ever felt pressured by the backlog of applications in your email and wondered how you are going to process them before the week is out?

Purple Haze is here to help you. We know how important it is to hit daily, weekly, monthly targets and that resourcing as well as consulting on all of your roles is extremely time-consuming.

That is where we come in.

With our years of administrative experience as well as up-to-minute awareness of technological advancement, Purple Haze can help ease the daily clerical work and let you do what you do best – recruit.

From small, specialist companies to global organisations, Purple Haze are able to adapt to every need and requirement of your firm. Whether it be simple proofreading of incoming CVs, formatting documents to fit your companies specification, processing and linking candidates to live vacancies or just basic data entry, we are able to decrease the time you spend on secretarial work and increase your daily workflow.

If you keen to hear about Purple Haze’s services and how we can help your recruitment company today, call us for a free consultation on 01638 741079 or email us on