Coronavirus – a business survival guide

Coronavirus is here in the UK, and it’s spreading – so it’s sensible to think about how your business will cope.

Sick leave

First and foremost, it’s vital to ensure that staff who feel unwell don’t come in to work. So many people struggle in even when they have a cold, or flu. Which simply risks sharing their illness with everyone else in the business. (And the same applies if other members of their household have fallen ill.)

The symptoms of coronavirus are often mild, so people may think they just have an ordinary ‘bug’. They may even be right. But for the moment, at least, it will be far better if they stay at home. That will minimise the risk of serious infection for other, vulnerable colleagues. And if they are sufficiently well, and their work can be done remotely, consider allowing them to work from home (if they don’t already do so).

Working from home…

It may be that some of your team routinely work away from the office. If so, it may be worth encouraging them to come in only when absolutely necessary. That way you’ll reduce the risk of losing a key team player just when you need them most.

Other staff members may find working from home more challenging. So now is the time for colleagues with more experience to talk to them, work with them, and give them a clear understanding of what to do and how to do it.

Of course, it’s possible that none of your team have that experience. In which case we’d be delighted to help you set up the kind of systems and protocols we use when working with our own clients.

…and dealing with absences

All the evidence suggests the coronavirus pandemic will get worse before it gets better. Which means a substantial number of your team may well need to stay at home for two weeks or more. Some may still be able to work, if their symptoms are mild. Others will have neither the energy nor the inclination. So it’s vital to have a backup plan.

And there, again, we can help. Our experienced and highly motivated team of virtual assistants regularly fill in for staff members taking holiday or sickness leave. Working for different companies, in different sectors, they’ve built up a wealth of experience – and they’ll hit the ground running. But for the very best results it pays to be prepared. So we are ready, willing and able to learn as much about your business, and the way you run it, as you can tell us.

And then step into the breach when the time comes. Which could be the answer to a prayer…

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