Coping with the Christmas rush?

Given that Christmas (these days) seems to begin in July, the usual panic may not be just an end-of-year problem.  But there’s no doubt that for many businesses (including many that aren’t in the gift business) November and December can be difficult months.

Last-minute Larry’s Christmas…

These days most people are busy. (And if they’re not, they like to think they are.) Which often means that dealing with the Christmas gift list gets left to the last minute. (Or well beyond.)

Even if they were still able to shop at Woolworths, Toys ‘R’ Us or BHS, they wouldn’t be able to find what they wanted, wrap it, and post it in time to reach their family and friends. So they’ll go online to new sites like Gymshark, Shein and Wayfair. With the reassurance that these suppliers will take care of everything.

Which is perfect – for them. And slightly less perfect if you’re running an online shop that’s under sudden, massive pressure from the last-minute Larries of this world.

And that’s where a little extra help can make all the difference.

The Christmas deadline squeeze…

Your clients are – of course – taking a Christmas and New Year break. To which they are perfectly entitled. After all, they want to enjoy the festive season in peace.

But so, of course, do you.

Which is tricky when every single one of your regular deadlines is effectively squeezed into the first two weeks of the month. And people you haven’t heard from all year suddenly want something festive. Preferably the day before yesterday.

For smaller businesses in particular this is often a real and annoying problem. Because by the time you’ve got to the Festive Season, you don’t feel particularly festive. And you’re so far behind with your regular admin that you’re likely to spend Christmas Eve (and possibly Christmas Day) just catching up with yourself.

…and an answer to your prayers

How would it be if you could turn to an experienced, dedicated team who are ready, willing and able to help? (Whether you’re fighting off last-minute Larries, or feeling the pressure from that seasonal deadline squeeze…)

No problem. They’re right here.

At Purple Haze we specialise in e-commerce, and our battle-hardened team will happily take the time to understand your approach and your message before they enter the fray – taking the pressure while you deal with the core business. Read more here – or just give us a call.

And the deadline squeeze? We’ll help you cope with that one, too, so you can turn your work-till-you-drop nightmare into a rewarding festive profit. And still have time for Christmas with the family.

Interested? Like to know more? Then do give us a call on 01638 741079. Or drop us an email.