Building your brand? Don’t do it on your own

Building your brand is hard work (obviously). And, to begin with at least, most of that work will be down to you. (Plus, if you’re very lucky, anyone else who’s brave enough to share your vision.)

But what happens when all that hard work finally pays off? When your brand has achieved the success you battled so hard to create for it? And when the orders start to come in faster than ever before?

That could be when even someone like Kylie Jenner – the youngest self-made internet billionaire – could use a little help…

Because an entrepreneur like her didn’t achieve success by doing everything herself. In fact, she outsources all the manufacturing, packaging and sales of her products.

And you will want to do the same…

Building your brand is a full-time job…

…but if you’re a successful entrepreneur, then that’s what you’ll be good at. Which means you won’t want to spend your day answering phone and email queries from customers, wrapping and posting packages, chasing up invoices, or checking stock levels.

Of course, you want customers. And of course, you love them. But when your product starts to fly off the shelves because a few key influencers have decided it’s the Next Big Thing, fulfilment will suddenly become your biggest issue!

It’s almost impossible to build and grow a successful business if you’re doing all the work yourself. Yet – surprisingly – it’s a mistake quite a few start-up entrepreneurs will often make, because they don’t put a realistic value on their own time.

You’re the boss. You’re the moving force behind the business. You need to focus on where it’s going – not what’s happening down in the engine room.

The good news is that you don’t have to.

How would it be if you could, quite literally, hand all that work to someone else? Secure in the knowledge they’ll do exactly what you need them to do – and do it well, right from day one?

Well, that’s what we do at Purple Haze.

So why not put down the parcel tape, step out of the stock room, and give us a bell on 01638 741079. Or drop us an email.