Be kind – Show someone that you care

With the UK currently directing nearly all efforts towards fighting the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, other services have and still are experiencing unprecedented circumstances in our everchanging world. Mental health is one of these services. 

There’s no shame in admitting that we all go through tough times every now and then. But what’s important to remember, is that it’s the people that help us pull through them.  And over the past few months, it is the citizens of the UK who have proved to the world, what a caring nation we are. 

Our national hero, Colonel Tom Moore has been leading the way with his kindness and generosity, and we can be confident that he’s inspired the nation to do the same. Even simple things like staying at home, protecting the vulnerable, supporting neighbours … those are the things that really make a difference.  

Yet even though restrictions may now be easing, the Coronavirus is ceasing, and life is feeling as if “normal” isn’t too far off… we must not forget to be kind to one another.  

How are you?” 

Are you okay?” 

You alright?” 

These are all questions that each of us hears at least 20 times a day! And even though we all live very different lives and feel very different emotionsI wonder how many of us answer “I’m fine, thanks” or “Not bad, thank you”  

Just imagine how much we would learn from one another if we took the time to listen, really listen, when someone answers that ever so unassuming “How are you?” And if the answer is “I’m fine, thanks” then ask them again “How are you doing, really?”  

What could you learn if you spoke honestly and listened carefully? We are surrounded by people from all walks of life; people who have travelled, survivors of war, people battling illness, students, soldiers, animal lovers, nurses ... We could learn so much from one another, our battles and our victories, if we could just take the time to talk. 

So, the next time you see someone, show them how much you care by asking How are you? Really, how are you?” It would make such a difference. We can all live in our own little bubbles but at this time, more than most, letrevolutionise How are you?” into a question that deserves a meaningful answer. 

Show someone today that you care – ask them how they’re doing.