Mental Health and the effect on Business Owners

Mental health is a topic that, in recent years, has become increasingly recognised as a significant health issue. However, what is not spoken about as often, is the impact that it has on entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Running a business in itself is a mountainous task, but when added pressures such as COVID-19, financial insecurity and staffing arise, business owners succumb to much more stress than usual, which can lead to severe mental health illnesses, such as depression, anxiety and panic disorders.  

There are a number of ways in which your mental health can suffer from being an entrepreneur – especially if you’re in charge of a start-up business.  

Everyone loves the idea of being an entrepreneur; the freedom to create your own routine, the passion to do what you want to do, the chance to make your dreams come true. But, as with everything else in life, there are drawbacks. The workload, for one, is immense! Often there are lengthy, tedious, dreary tasks that only result in a lack of sleep and a meagre work-life balance.  

There is, of course, the option of taking on employees. But to have to do the recruitment process yourself can be a pain (and recruitment consultants may just be too expensive!) And if you do find that perfect employee, are you sure that you’re going to have enough work to keep them busy throughout the day, or will you end up paying them a full wage for only half a day’s work? And what about holiday cover, and sick pay, or what if you just cannot financially afford to take on someone else; yet you can’t mentally afford to keep going on the way you are. 

This then brings us around to finances… Yes, savings and startups aren’t words that marry well! Whether you’ve funded the business yourself, borrowed through loans or received grants, how the numbers add up is one of the key concerns for any business. The worries, stresses and strains of finance are not to be taken lightly, and, more often than not, are the main cause of failure. 

And when only 80% of startups actually make it to their second year, it really does look like the odds are stacked against you. But that doesn’t mean it has to be true … 

At Purple Haze we’re not going to pretend that we have all the solutions to make your business successful, because we don’t. What we can promise, is that we are here to support you – in any way, shape or form. You will have a dedicated VA, who will be fully trained on all your systems and software; someone who knows your business inside out and are on hand to support you and customers whenever needed. You’ll never have to worry about sick pay, or holiday cover or even doing a rota – we’ll have that all in hand. You’ll only ever have to pay for the work completed and not a penny more! 

So, if you’re a business owner who dreams of a good night’s sleep rather than spending a night at a desk filled with paperwork; or if you want time to spend with friends and family without being interrupted by a phone call every 5 minutes; or the ability to run the business you’ve always dreamed of without being set back by tonnes of admin work that you’d really like to pass on to an assistant … If that’s you, then we’re the people to help make your dream come true.  

Be kind – Show someone that you care

With the UK currently directing nearly all efforts towards fighting the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, other services have and still are experiencing unprecedented circumstances in our everchanging world. Mental health is one of these services. 

There’s no shame in admitting that we all go through tough times every now and then. But what’s important to remember, is that it’s the people that help us pull through them.  And over the past few months, it is the citizens of the UK who have proved to the world, what a caring nation we are. 

Our national hero, Colonel Tom Moore has been leading the way with his kindness and generosity, and we can be confident that he’s inspired the nation to do the same. Even simple things like staying at home, protecting the vulnerable, supporting neighbours … those are the things that really make a difference.  

Yet even though restrictions may now be easing, the Coronavirus is ceasing, and life is feeling as if “normal” isn’t too far off… we must not forget to be kind to one another.  

How are you?” 

Are you okay?” 

You alright?” 

These are all questions that each of us hears at least 20 times a day! And even though we all live very different lives and feel very different emotionsI wonder how many of us answer “I’m fine, thanks” or “Not bad, thank you”  

Just imagine how much we would learn from one another if we took the time to listen, really listen, when someone answers that ever so unassuming “How are you?” And if the answer is “I’m fine, thanks” then ask them again “How are you doing, really?”  

What could you learn if you spoke honestly and listened carefully? We are surrounded by people from all walks of life; people who have travelled, survivors of war, people battling illness, students, soldiers, animal lovers, nurses ... We could learn so much from one another, our battles and our victories, if we could just take the time to talk. 

So, the next time you see someone, show them how much you care by asking How are you? Really, how are you?” It would make such a difference. We can all live in our own little bubbles but at this time, more than most, letrevolutionise How are you?” into a question that deserves a meaningful answer. 

Show someone today that you care – ask them how they’re doing.