Your Purple Haze Financial Assistant will keep an official track of company spending so when it comes to filing accounts there is an accurate trail of all the outgoings.

We will assist with balancing accounts (also known as ‘double book keeping’), processing sales invoices, receipts and payments, completing VAT returns, preparing invoices for the Inland Revenue, checking company bank statements, preparing cash flow statements, dealing with financial paperwork and filing. We will also help prepare the profit and loss sheets for your annual accounts.


Your Financial Assistant

Your Purple Haze Financial Assistant will help you to sort your expenses, chase outstanding payments and get your invoices out on time. Finding the time to chase customers for payment, without appearing rude, is often a challenge! Your Purple Haze Virtual Assistant can act as your ‘credit control department’ and politely but firmly follow up with late paying customers by telephone, email and letter.

Your Purple Haze Financial Assistant can complete forms and applications, sort and file paperwork, pay bills and invoices, renew your insurances, send replies on your behalf or make follow up calls.

  • Source suppliers, quotations and estimates
  • Type quotations and invoices
  • Book keeping
  • Credit control
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll
  • Budget support


What software, services or applications do we use?

We’re a pretty tech savvy bunch of people, so your Financial Assistant can use many software, services and applications, including the following:


Will you be able to use my specialist software?

Yes, we’re happy to learn about and use your specialist software or application. We can often access specialist software remotely and have our own internal IT experts who can assist.

How do I get started?

It’s easy – simply enter your details here and we will give you a call to explain how to start using the service. Alternatively you can call 01638 741079.