Don’t you just LOVE data entry?

‘Love’ data entry? Really? Well, it seems that rather a lot of us do. We must. After all, we keep doing it. Just stop for a minute and consider… Do you keep all the information about your clients in just one place? If you do, you’re one of a fairly select band. (So well done!) If you don’t, you’re more like the rest of us. Because most people have emails in one filing system. Contact details in another. And account details […]

‘Just’ a telephone answering service?

So what would you expect from a ‘telephone answering service’? Well, someone to answer your phone calls, obviously. Which is, of course, an improvement on even the friendliest voicemail message. And – yes – you’d expect that person to be helpful. To give intelligent, informed responses. And to be proactive on your behalf – arranging meetings and updating your diary, for instance. But – let’s be honest – you’d really like them to do much more than that. Wouldn’t you? […]