We don’t like making excuses

Seriously. We don’t. But if a client doesn’t trust us, we don’t have much choice.

‘I’m very sorry, madam. Of course we’ll tell him you called. But I’m afraid I don’t know if the scintillator valve on your SP193 has a bifurcating dongle…’

So it’s great when clients trust us – and give us full access to their systems.

Recently we covered for the owner of an executive courier company who was going on holiday.

He gave us the details of his four drivers. He forwarded his phone calls to our office. He even handed over his business mobile – and gave us access to his email accounts.

He also gave us every piece of information we could conceivably need.

We’d regard that as Trust with a capital T.

So while he was away we answered all his phone calls. We responded to emails on his behalf. We raised quotes for him. We took bookings for him. We dealt with his drivers and gave them their instructions. We even made courtesy follow-up calls to his clients.

As a result the only people who knew the boss was away were his own drivers. So he could enjoy his holiday in peace.

(And we had his business mobile. So there was no risk it’d get thrown in the pool…)

It’s all about process

If we took you on as new client we’d want find out as much about you as you’re willing to tell.

Your contact details (all of them). Your client details (including which are the most demanding and which need to be handled with – shall we say – particular care…): ‘Please be aware that if you use the word ‘cheese’ in a conversation with Tom H**** he will immediately scream, jump up onto his desk, and sing the Marseillaise.’

We also like to know what software you use. What services you provide, and what they cost. Who your ‘go-to’ people are: ‘Please pass any calls about the SP193 to Mrs Slocombe. She’s the only one who has the first idea what it does. Or how it does it…’

And we’ll take the time to understand how your business processes work. Plus making a note of any password or login details we need to make sure they do work.

Then we write up everything we’ve learned in a document. We call it your Standard Operating Procedure. And (if you want us to) we’ll hand a copy to you.

It’s a valuable document. And yes, it’s yours.

Because real trust works both ways.

So if you’d like to know more about the way a ‘proper’ Virtual Assistant works, feel free to give us a call on 01638 741079. Or take a peek at our website

And no, we don’t supply scintillator valves. Or bifurcating dongles. Sorry.

Help us to help you…

You’ve taken the plunge. You’ve decided to hand over work you don’t want to do to someone else. In fact, you’ve decided to outsource. To a Virtual Assistant.

Your business coach (if you have one) will applaud you. Your family (if you have one) will thank you. But now you’ll be facing several important questions. So you might want to have a few answers.

And we’d like to help. (After all, that’s what we’re here for!)

You’re the expert…

If you run your own business, then you are the expert. You know all about it. Every last detail, in fact (including your potentially unique filing system, the cryptic passwords to your spreadsheet software, and the location of the last but one tin of cat food).

And with the best will in the world, these are not things that even the most eager and able assistant will know. At least, not without being told (and writing them down).

So there’s one thing a good Virtual Assistant will need right away – before they spend a vital couple of hours getting down to all that detail.

They need you to trust them…!

…and it’s so much more than a telephone answering service

Many people think a Virtual Assistant is just someone who answers the phone – rather like a human answering machine.

‘Oooh, I’m afraid he’s not here.’

‘But this is his office, isn’t it?’

‘Well… I could take a message, if you like…?’

Face it, a machine would be a lot cheaper. And just as (in)effective.

A real Virtual Assistant is much more than that – if they’re allowed to be, of course.

Because a real Virtual Assistant is one who likes to see things through – from start to finish. Who doesn’t just take a message, but deals with the query. Meets the caller’s need. And does exactly what the client would have done had they answered the phone themselves. In fact a true blue superhero/ine. (Or whatever colour your branding happens to be. After all, we’re representing your business…)

‘I’ll just check that for you, sir. Yes, your order for a Mark 3 Super Obfusticator went to dispatch this morning> Marked to go first class. So you should have it tomorrow.’

Which means – for example – that owners can happily take a holiday in the knowledge that their business will run very efficiently. And without them.

Just imagine it. No annoying texts. No unwanted and worrying emails. No phone calls at odd hours – usually when you’re doing something that shouldn’t be interrupted. Like enjoying a concert. (Sorry, what did you think we meant?)

And no acid comments from your other half…

‘I swear if you don’t get off that phone this minute I’ll throw it in the pool…’

Like to know more? Then take a look at our website. Drop us an email. Or give us a call right now on 01638 741079.

Or you could look up what to do when your phone’s been thrown in the pool