We don’t like making excuses

Seriously. We don’t. But if a client doesn’t trust us, we don’t have much choice. ‘I’m very sorry, madam. Of course we’ll tell him you called. But I’m afraid I don’t know if the scintillator valve on your SP193 has a bifurcating dongle…’ So it’s great when clients trust us – and give us full access to their systems. Recently we covered for the owner of an executive courier company who was going on holiday. He gave us the details […]

Help your Virtual Assistant to help you…

You’ve taken the plunge. You’ve decided to hand over work you don’t want to do to someone else. In fact, you’ve decided to outsource. To a Virtual Assistant. Your business coach (if you have one) will applaud you. Your family (if you have one) will thank you. But now you’ll be facing several important questions. So you might want to have a few answers. And we’d like to help. (After all, that’s what we’re here for!) You’re the expert… If you run […]