Zen and the art of customer service – Purple Haze

Customer Service Excellence Keys Research shows that for customers the following 5 parts of service are key: Delivery – Doing what you say Timeliness – Doing it when you say you’re going to Information – Holding and using customer information that is correct and relevant Professionalism – Deal with customers in a courteous and polite manner Staff attitude – Having a Positive and determined attitude to care for all customers every day All of which ‘sounds’ fairly straight forward – […]

Image is Everything

Your company image is one of the most critical elements to get right. Failure to implement a consistent, professional brand across all of your materials could result in people not taking you seriously. Of course image starts with your logo, but that’s only the beginning; The typeface (or font) you use will say a lot about your business approach and philosophy The style of photography you use (or illustrations) and in what context all help to set the scene And […]