Is there still a place for the skill of minute taking?

With recorders now allowed in court rooms and every Tom, Dick and Harry having a smart phone with a voice recorder, is there still a place for the skill of minute-taking? The average person speaks at three words a second – imagine being able to take down 100 words a minute and get absolutely everything that is said in a meeting with a client, either face to face or on the phone, then having it readily available whenever needed, without […]

Parcel delivery service

One of the most frustrating things we experience, according to a recent survey, is having to wait in for a parcel to be delivered. It’s made worse when the courier company give you no indication of whether the delivery will be made at 9am or 6pm – it’s practically impossible to plan anything that involves setting foot outside your door until that parcel has arrived. It even affects whether or not you can go for a lie down in the […]